Hi-fidelity screen designs

Data sets scraped by FTNYC

Found Type NYC

Found Type NYC (FTNYC) is an app for the iPhone.

Designers find inspiration in all sorts of places. Those lucky enough to live and practice in New York City don’t have to look any further than the physical world that surrounds them. New York City’s public spaces team with typography cast in bronze adorning the outside of buildings, glow as neon storefront signage, and withstand time, chiseled into the bases of marble statues and monuments.

Found type refers to typography found in everyday life. Prior to the Web, designers would squirrel away found type samples in scrapbooks, sketchbooks, and binders. Today, found type is documented, shared, collectively-identified and commented upon, in typography-related blogs and forums. As rich and engaging as this online activity is, it misses the mark of what makes found type so delightful: its presence in the physical world. Through the use of an iPhone, location-based services and information culled from the NYC Open Data initiative, FTNYC takes the online discourse one step further: providing means and ways for aficionados to delight in found type’s material, dimension and relief.

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