AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers Exhibition

The physical-environment-as-data-visualization, social objects and online interactions capture personal definitions of the ever-evolving book.

AIGA, Fall 2011

Run Explorer

Data visualization of one thousand Nike+ runs allows others to discover new running routes and explore New York City in unexpected ways.

Visualizing Information, Spring 2011


I shape the behaviors of people using products and services over time: IAmA interaction designer; I give visual form to shapes: IAmA graphic designer.

I am pursing a Master of Fine Arts in interaction design. As a student, I have interned for IDEO, Second Story, and served as a Product Advisor for Union Square Ventures. I have organized for TechCrunch DISRUPT and won the Reinvent and GOOD Magazine hackathons. This Spring, I moderate a lecture series, entitled On the Verge, exploring the overlaps and seams between design disciplines. (Please, do be my guest.)

Prior to attending the School of Visual Arts, I lived and worked in the San Francisco/Bay Area, and taught graphic design at the California College of the Arts.

I graduate May 2012.

academic highlights
  • 4.00 GPA
  • 2011 MFA Interaction Design Award Scholar
  • 2010 Office of Graduate Admissions Scholar
extracurricular activities
  • Hopeful Monsters—A workshop with BERG London
  • Essentials of Product Management—A General Assembly workshop with Google
  • Managing the Creative Process—A workshop with Adaptive Path
  • How the Web Works—A lecture by Jeff Veen
  • Planning Websites—A workshop with Eight Shapes
  • Game Mechanics for Social Apps—A Skillshare class
  • Immaterials: Light painting WiFi—A lecture by Einar Sneve Martinussen
  • Open Data Cities—A lecture by Drew Hemmet
  • Post Artifact Book Design Thinking—A lecture by Craig Mod
  • Talk to Me: A Symposium—A symposium by MoMA with Paola Antonelli
  • From Photons to Bones: An Intro to the Kinect for Skeleton Tracking—A workshop with Greg Borenstein
  • Processing Level 2, Advanced Techniques—A workshop with Jer Thorpe
  • How to Raise Your First Round—A Skillshare class with Chris Dixon
  • Venture Capital from a Design Perspective—A lecture by Gary Chou