Purpose Statement

Through system design, physical computing, and data visualization, I want to create a conversation about personal health: how unhealthy behaviors accelerate aging.

In a word, I want to have a conversation about dying.

There will be no touchscreens, direct manipulation, or gestures in my system, although digital, my system will rely on tangible interactions.

There will be no button, switch or dial interfaces in my physical computing device, there will be a sensor—a FitBit—and an actuator—a solenoid valve—regulating the flow of pressurized Ethylene gas.

There will be no figures, sparklines or legends in my data visualization, rather, a metaphor.

A tomato: the most delicate of fruits. You can hardly pluck a vine-ripened tomato from a backyard garden and carry it to the kitchen table without bruising it.

Unripened green tomatoes, when exposed to ethylene gas, artificially ripen and turn red.

I want to create a system that regulates tomato ripening as to visually represent the effects of unhealthy behaviors on our bodies.

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